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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Digital Products?

A digital product means there is no physical product shipped to you. There is only a digital file that you are given access to when you purchase. You can access this file from the thank you page or from your email confirmation.

How Do I Use Digital Planners?

To use a digital planner you need a tablet device either iPad or Android, a pen or stylus, and a PDF markup app such as GoodNotes or Penly. We recommend GoodNotes & Noteshelf 3 for iPad users and Penly or Touchnotes for Android users. We have YouTube Tutorials on our Digital Planner Channel.

Can I Purchase a Physical Tarot or Oracle Deck From You?

Currently, we are working out how to carry stock or set up automatic custom orders. At the moment, we can still order you a physical deck at request. If you email us, we can send you a payment link and we can order you a custom deck. Email for more information.

Is My Payment Secure?

Yes, we have our payments through Stripe and our website is protected by SSL. Your payments are fully secure & safe!

Can I save my payment for later purchases?

We do not save any payment information on our servers or website. You can however pay with Link, which securely saves your payment information to be used across 1000s of sites safely!

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