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Green Watercolor Digital Journal | 430+ pages | 37 paper templates | Goodnotes, Penly, Touchnotes, Noteshelf Files

Green Watercolor Digital Journal | 430+ pages | 37 paper templates | Goodnotes, Penly, Touchnotes, Noteshelf Files



This digital journal is made for iPad or other tablet devices that can run a PDF annotation app, such as GoodNotes, CollaNote, Notability, or Penly and TouchNotes for Android devices. It also requires you to use an Apple Pencil or stylus for writing in and editing the document (though you can be cheeky and use a connected keyboard if you write like a doctor).
Note: I don’t recommend the new GoodNotes for Windows & Android (yet) it is very laggy still. Stick to the Android apps mentioned above and in the pdf instructions 🙂


Key Features!!
✨430 pages of goodness!

✨37 paper templates to copy and paste to your heart’s desire

✨Fun Manifestation, Gratitude, Oracle spread in addition to normal notebook pages

✨77 Sample Stickers!!

✨Fun Green Watercolor Aesthetic

✨Hyperlinked to the Gods! Access Months, Year, Paper, and Index from any page

✨Daily pages linked on monthly pages

✨Undated so you can use it over and over, I won’t tell anyone

✨Sample Stickers Included to Get You Started

✨Hex codes and swatches to match your pens

✨Comes with PDFs, Goodnotes file with stickers, PNGs stickers, and a TouchNotes file with stickers!

✨Matching Notebook & Full Sticker Book Available Separately or you can grab a Bundle and save some Moola


Ready to snag some digital goodies? Here’s how to order and get your files here on:

  1. Throw that item in your cart.
  2. Pick your payment method and hit that checkout button.
  3. Once your payment’s good to go, you will immediately see the links to download your files. That download link’s headed your way too in your email.
  4. Grab those files and save ’em to your computer or tablet. Sorry, smartphones won’t cut it. Or you can shoot ’em straight to apps like GoodNotes or TouchNotes.


What You Get in your Purchase:

  1. You’ll score a PDF with links to your super cool planner and stickers. Click the link to open the google drive links and get your goodies. Included are links to a PDF Journal & covers, a Goodnotes file with stickers loaded, a TouchNotes file also with stickers, PNGs Stickers in a zipped folder to use with whatever app you already enjoy AND 24 additional covers in jpeg! (make sure to extract those guys before trying to add them to your app)
  2. Plus, there’s a handy PDF guide on how to work your new treasures in GoodNotes or TouchNotes


Now, a few ground rules:

These files are just for you, unless they are labeled for commercial use. No sharing, remixing, or selling my designs, okay? If you are looking for a template to re-mix and sell to folks, reach out! I’ve got planner templates for InDesign & Photoshop And more templates are coming to the shop soon 🙂 Need something custom, just holler at me: 

Buying means you’re cool with these terms and my shop rules.


And hey, if you break the rules, I might have to bust out the legal big guns ;). Let’s keep it chill.

Copyright © 2024, LunaCco. All rights reserved.

Now for the fine print:

This is digital, baby. No physical shipments here. You will ONLY get a digital product

Once you hit that download button, it’s a done deal. No refunds, no take-backs. Due to the nature of digital refunds and returns aren’t an option.

Got questions? Hit me up before you hit buy. I’ve got your back. And if there’s a hiccup with your download, just give me a shout. To my email, I’m all ears. I’ve got video tutorials for my newbies but don’t be afraid to reach out if something isn’t working right! Email: and I’ll get you sorted!

Need a hand, got a question? Holler at me. Thanks a bunch for checking out my stuff!

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