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LunaCco’s Rebirth and the Podcast’s Mid-Season Break

Another Re-Design

I have thoughts as I fully go into yet one more re-design of LunaCco’s branding. I know it’s insane.

I started this year with In The Blackwoods. Focused on book covers and author websites. It made sense when I was focused on writing Full Time. But in March-ish I remembered how much I love websites and helping business owners navigate starting a business.

I pivoted to LunaCco. A name I came up with while doing coaching with my Mom, Cadee. It felt right to go back to that and move fully into design. And I went through a few more logos as I found a vibe and a direction.

And then of all things, I realized that it wasn’t just about design but coaching. Anyone that has worked with me has ended up with some tips and tricks and more than a few walkthroughs that had little to do with just the design part. lol. And with that Cadee re-entered the LunaCco chat!

We felt divinely led to work on this together. To have coaching around business and purpose as well as have design options for new businesses and scaling ones.

It was NOT easy to figure out how to blend all these things together until we re-found Human Design and the Genekeys. That self-work and certification made it clear why we were meant to work together and even more importantly HOW.

It laid out why I’m not designed to just stick to one thing! And why we struggled to figure out balance before with each other at the helm. It also showed us our life’s work and messaging.

After years of struggling around coaching or not coaching, design or no design, etc. It all got clear. It all felt EASY!!! Did you read that? EASY!? I was trying to do it all. I was trying to do things I wasn’t designed to do, but Cadee was. And for the time the logo still worked.

The Need for New Visuals

This week we have re-evaluated our business. We have delegated ourselves to our happy little corners of happy things! And I have released the reigns on trying to mentally figure things out! I also mapped out the creative direction with the help of Cadee for our Brand and Business moving into the future. One thing was clear the branding was not in alignment with the new direction.

Visually stunning and edgy and futuristic will come to mind. With a frankly mind blowing concept for a deck that will feed into our content. And unique cinematic energy for the website where the goal is experience over seo.

We can’t tell you how excited we are for all of this! It’s impossible to find words but hopefully this post will transmit the energy of what we are doing.

This branding and visual identity will not be mainstream or “traditional marketing” approved. And I don’t care. We don’t care. We are going with our gifts and where our hearts are leading.

We can’t wait to invite you fully into our world and share what we had to search decades to find.

Mid-Season Podcast Break

P.S. The podcast is on a mid-season break and will return in the new year while we birth the true vision of LunaCco into form! We could probably manage both but we are not just re-designing the website, the branding, and our messaging (as if that wasn’t enough, lol) we are re-designing ourselves. We figured out our season color palettes and are going to get haircuts and some new clothes. Full makeover vibes! After that makeover we will tackle our Brandshoot which is going to be in parts. (Cadee is a photographer and being in front of the camera is a bit foreign)

Once the newness is under way and less chaotic, the podcast will return with a vigor and hopefully some interviews! Enjoy the Holidays!

Love you all and talk soon!

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