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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a profound system that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, offering a holistic understanding of one’s personality, strengths, and potential. It helps people to embrace their authentic selves, honoring their distinct qualities and contributions to the world. By integrating elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system, Human Design provides a comprehensive framework for personal growth, decision-making, and navigating relationships. This empowering tool can help individuals gain clarity about their life path, improve communication, enhance self-awareness, and make decisions that align with their true purpose. Ultimately, Human Design serves as a compassionate guide, illuminating the path to self-acceptance, fulfillment, and harmonious connections with others.

Do I need my exact birth time?

Yes you really do! Especially, for any and all your variables (the arrows). This includes Motivation and your Manifestation Type.
But the whole chart can change dramatically even with a few minutes of difference depending on the day. This is the same for location as well.
Typically, you can find this info on your birth certificate. You can also check baby books or with very good memory parents.

What if I don't know my birth time?

First check your birth certificate. If you are over say 20 years old you may want to request a birth certificate copy. Sometimes originals don’t have this but copies going as far back as the 1950s will have the time depending on the area.

Next check with relatives and baby books. If you can get close that will give you an idea.

You can get a reading by an astrologer that is pro at birth time rectification. They will work with you and your traits to determine this info.

My personal go to is a pendulum and a pendulum board with numbers on it. You can ask yes/no questions to get the time of hour and minute and verify locations.

Does it need to be the exact location?

Also, yes. This can also dramatically change the chart.

What Are the Different Human Design Types?

Find Out Yours by Filling out the Form!
There are 5 main types in Human Design, Manifestor, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. The majority of the population is a Generator type with about 35% Generators and little over 30% Manifesting Generators. This is only the very top layer of what Human Design tells you.
It is worth noting that your Human Design type and your Manifestation Type are different.
In Human Design you can be a Specific or Non-Specific Manifestation Type.

How Do I Get My Human Design Chart?

Simply fill out the form above to get your  Free Human Design Chart personalized exactly to you!

This is a LOT of info. Where do I start?

I know the Human Design world is big and deep. We recommend starting with the basics. Type, Strategy, and Authority. These are the foundations and helpful is getting you on the right path and making decisions with ease.
Then we go a very different way depending on your goals. If you are an entrepreneur we would head into your incarnation cross where your genius lives. And then the centers, and so on.
If you are just doing self work we would look at the centers that are defined and open next.

Can Human Design Help Me Understand My Purpose?

Absolutely! Human Design can be a valuable tool for gaining insights into your unique purpose and potential. By analyzing your Human Design chart, which is based on your birth information, you can uncover aspects of your personality, strengths, and innate abilities.
More specifically, looking at where your genius lies in the chart we can give specifics about the energy behind your purpose.
Spoiler Alert: Your purpose ultimately is to be living in alignment with your design. Though all types, and unique purpose numbers can help us understand the energy we’re meant to embody and how we can help others in this life!

How is Human Design Different from Astrology?

Human Design incorporates aspects of Astrology in it’s system but is different in it’s approach and focus.

Human Design uses transits of gates and lines through the Planets. The gates come from I-Ching.

Astrology uses signs and houses through the Planets instead. Though it is easy to find what gates and centers relate to what signs.

There are 64 gates and each gate transits through the 6 lines versus 12 signs & houses.

The differences and similarities continue. The key point being that Astrology is a part of how Human Design was created. Human Design ends up being a very practical and holistic blueprint. A larger picture that is easy to take bite by bite to understand the whole.

Why would you use Human Design over Astrology.

This is a personal choice for each person. But we’ll go over why we chose Human Design while keeping some Astrology fundamentals.

A full unique energetic blueprint: This is the manual you’ve wished for your entire life. Your blueprint is the map to more ease, better decisions, less regret, better relationships, and more happiness!

Decision making style and approach: Human Design tells you straight out of the gate the best possible approach to making important decisions! There is nuance in the chart as a whole, but your strategy and authority do not change. You can learn to use them as a superpower to know what is aligned to you!

Real world and present help: Human Design helps you see where you might stray from your path, how you might be slipping off where you are meant to be, how you may be perceived by others when not in alignment, and so much more. It guides you through self-empowerment and development with a clear plan!

Remember Who You Are, Get Started with Human Design

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