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Episode 9 Authenticity and New Marketing with Human Design

Unlocking Authenticity through Human Design: A Journey towards Personal Growth

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Join hosts Jules and Cadee Duquette in their insightful sessions on authenticity and personal growth through the lens of human design. They take you on their own journeys dealing with personal obstacles and share how aligning to their real selves have paved the way to overcoming their challenges. Armed with tools like conscious creation, decision-making strategies, and healing tactics, they invite you to explore the potential of living your best life. Get a grip on these powerful conversations and prepare for ‘deep dive’ discussions unraveling the layers of human design. Grab a free chart from their website and discover how beneficial understanding one’s and other’s human design can be in fostering better communication and understanding.


00:01 Introduction and Personal Updates
03:50 Discussing the Holiday Season
05:57 The Pressure of Consumerism
07:11 The Importance of Authenticity
11:05 Authenticity and Law of Attraction
16:27 Understanding Human Design
21:45 Applying Human Design to Relationships
27:54 Authenticity and Human Design
31:17 Human Design and Business
34:31 Human Design and Law of Attraction
41:23 Understanding the Law of Attraction
41:40 The Power of Authenticity and Alignment
42:02 The Importance of Strategy and Authority in Conscious Creation
42:16 The Pitfalls of Overly Specific Manifestation
44:14 The Misleading Nature of Traditional Marketing
44:56 The Power of Human Design in Personal Development
45:47 The Role of Human Design in Answering Life’s Big Questions
48:40 The Impact of Occupation on Energy Types
50:10 The Importance of Authenticity in Business and Marketing
50:37 The Shift in Marketing Methods and the Power of Subconscious
01:02:56 The Power of Authenticity and Human Design in Overcoming Trauma
01:18:39 The Role of Human Design in Personal Transformation

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