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Episode 6: Eclipse Season, Pluto Energy, & Active Waiting

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01:03 β˜• Eclipse season is about to start, and it’s a time of significant astrological energy shifts, with a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse on the horizon.
06:27 β™‘ Pluto’s movement into Aquarius signifies a major shift in societal structures and beliefs, challenging the old order and ushering in new ideas and rebellion.
11:36 🌍 The world is going through a period of evolution and change, with societal divisions becoming more pronounced, but change is essential for growth and progress.
16:55 🌱 Eclipse season is a time for introspection, cleaning out what doesn’t serve you, and preparing for future action. It’s not a passive waiting but active nurturing.
22:34 ⏰ Recognize your own natural cycles of rest and action to avoid burnout, as traditional work patterns may not align with your personal needs.
23:40 🌟 When entering a new phase, consider what you want to leave behind. Take inventory and weed out what no longer serves you.
24:16 πŸŽƒ October 31st, Halloween or Samhain, is the Witches’ New Yearβ€”a time to decide what to take into the next year and what to leave behind.
25:20 πŸ’Ό Start before you’re ready in your business, actively work on your brand values, and be prepared to evolve and shift to serve your audience better.
26:22 πŸ“ˆ Create businesses that are as much about rest as revenue, with automation, processes, and systems in place to avoid constant hustle.
30:15 πŸ”„ Embrace natural cycles, including rest and repair, and use them as opportunities to refine and improve your offerings.

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