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Episode 10: Cutting through the Noise of Marketing Advice

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In this episode of LunaCco Coffee Chats, Jules and Cadee discuss the overwhelm of conflicting marketing advice. They explore different forms of marketing, myths and misconceptions around strategies, emphasizing on ‘Authenticity’ as a key aspect of marketing. They also lay emphasis on listening to one’s inner voice and understanding their personal brand values. In between, they took a client call sharing insights about business-specific strategies regarding app functionality, subscription platforms, and domain hosting. They wrap up by focusing on the importance of sustainable business practices aligning with one’s energy type and personal capacities rather than hustling constantly.


00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:59 Discussing the Noise in Marketing Advice
01:47 The Importance of Listening to Your Internal Voice
02:03 Unexpected Call Interruption
02:03 Discussing App Functionality and Business Strategies
02:03 Exploring Options for Website Hosting and Subscriptions
02:03 Dealing with Domain and Hosting Issues
02:03 Resuming the Discussion on Marketing Noise
06:20 The Importance of Authenticity in Marketing
12:19 Understanding Brand Values and Mission
14:58 The Role of SEO and Algorithms in Marketing
16:35 The Importance of Authenticity in Business
17:05 The Problem with Pain Point Marketing
17:56 The Shift in Client Expectations and the Role of Synergy
18:43 The Energetic Shift of 2027 and its Impact on Business
19:27 The Rise of Entrepreneurialism and the Fall of Corporations
19:53 The Power of Community in Business
20:25 The Future of Marketing Beyond 2027
20:43 The Problem with Gender Stereotypes in Marketing
22:11 The Importance of Resonating with Your Audience
23:41 The Misconception of Book Publishing Success
24:59 The Power of Community in Self-Publishing
27:44 The Importance of Knowing Your Target Audience
28:55 The Problem with Traditional Publishing
30:03 The Power of Authenticity in Marketing
41:27 The Importance of Consistency in Messaging
47:09 The Importance of Building a Sustainable Business
50:20 Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

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