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Remember Your Purpose & Enter Your Most Abundant Timeline

Learn about human design, astrology, and oracle cards! Your world becomes clear once you understand how the universe influences it. This is your user manual to a better life!
Human Design

Human Design is one of the most impactful things you can learn about yourself to live a better & easier life. Get your free chart today to get started

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Learn to Read the Cards for yourself to build a stronger connection with your higher self & make aligned decisions with ease.

Digital Products

Shop for Digital Journals, planners, cards, and more. We believe in keeping spiritual tools accessible and have multiple options for each deck as a result!

Spiritual Tools To Help Your Take Control of Your Life

We believe in giving you all the tools and know-how to be able to take charge of your life with confidence.

You don’t need a psychic on speed dial, or an astrologer every month. You can connect to your higher-self and receive aligned answers, yourself.

Our core mission is to remind you of you are and how to use the magic you were born with!

Hello, We're Cadee & Jules

Dr. Cadee & Jules Duquette are experts in Intuition Building, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Human Design, and Spiritual Art. Together they have over 40 years of experience in various Metaphysic subjects which has led to the creation of multiple tarot and oracle decks.

Jules adds 17+ years background of web & graphic design to help clients craft an aligned on and offline business. They are the co-owners of LunaCco Design and co-hosts of LunaCco Coffee Chats.

Connect to Yourself

We believe that intuitive guidance should be easily accessible to everyone! Not just when you get a tarot or other psychic reading. Remember Who You Are!


Remembering how to connect to your higher self can be a process, and you may need & want answers now. That's why we have designed oracle & tarot cards with a variety of styles to help you today.

Digital Planners & Journals

Journaling is an amazing meditative tool that can help you uncover deeper meaning and patterns in your life. We have planners and journals that work in tandem with our decks for deep exploration and fun.

It's about connecting to inner knowing

Guidance & coaching are amazing, they’ve helped us loads over the years, but nothing compares to connecting to your higher self. Answers straight from the tap, that are meant for you and only you will always reign supreme.

It is our mission to help people connect to that voice, that knowing and use that to build better lives.

Remember Who You Are & Enter Your Most Abundant Timeline!

Check out our free daily readings by clicking the button. Physical decks are coming soon. Join our Facebook Group to get early access!

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40+ years of combined metaphysical study is just a click away!

Join our Free Facebook Group- Coffee, Cards, and Cosmic Connections to get access to more card readings, transit updates and more!

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